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                        Business Improvement District


                        Who We Are

                        The Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (BID) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed in 1999.  The BID encompasses a 49-block taxing district approved by downtown property owners to cultivate a cleaner, safer and more vibrant downtown community. The tax revenue is used by the BID to provide maintenance services that supplement those provided by the City of Boulder and to provide a comprehensive consumer marketing and communication program.

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                        Marketing and Communications

                        The Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District markets and promotes the district to both consumers and investor audiences. These efforts include: advertising, branding, event marketing, banners, brochures, printed collateral materials, newsletters, public relations, social media, digital media and market research.



                        BID funding for operations and maintenance services throughout the district includes trash pickup, graffiti and sidewalk gum removal, snow shoveling, holiday lights, plant maintenance and banner program. The BID has an operations team working daily to maintain a clean and appealing downtown district. 

                        In Summer/Fall 2020, we formed a partnership with Bridge House's Ready to Work team to provide extra support in keeping downtown Clean, Safe and Inviting.

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                        Economic Vitality 

                        The BID funds economic vitality efforts including, tenant recruitment for both retail and office spaces and support services for small businesses. In conjunction with the city and community partners, the BID co-funds biennial Intercept Surveys and occasional retail and resident studies.

                        2021 BID Board of Directors

                        Kent Nuzum - Great Western Bank

                        Vice Chair
                        Nate Litsey - WW Reynolds

                        Kiva Stram - Wells Fargo

                        2021 Board Members
                        Erik Abrahamson - CBRE
                        Phil Dumontet - Whole Sol Blend Bar
                        Liza Getches - Shoemaker Ghiselli + Schwartz
                        John Reynolds - JZ Reynolds, LLC
                        Adrian Sopher - Sopher Sparn Architects, LLC

                        Ex Officio
                        Bob Yates - Boulder City Council
                        Mark Wallach - Boulder City Council
                        Lane Landrith - City of Boulder
                        Yvette Bowden - City of Boulder

                        We've been called
                        the Happiest Place
                        in the United States