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                        Downtown Maintenance Contacts: Who Is Responsible

                        Click the image below to Download as a PDF or scroll down to the bottom of the page for contact information:

                        Contacts -

                        City of Boulder Community Vitality Department / 303-413-7300:

                        • Damaged or unsightly newspaper rack or publication box
                        • Damaged regulatory sign or inoperative pay station/meter
                        • Damaged decorative lights or benches

                        Downtown  Boulder Partnership / 303-449-3774:

                        • Sidewalk trash can / bear bin overflowing, trash on sidewalk
                        • Weeds in sidewalk, trash in gutter
                        • Graffiti removal
                        • Damaged or hanging street banner

                        City of Boulder Transportation / 303-442-3266:

                        • Hazardous sidewalk
                        • Pot holes, damaged curbs & streets
                        • Damaged street sign or traffic signal (after hours: 303-441-3333)
                        • Street light out or damaged
                        • Dangerous manhole cover or utility grade

                        City of Boulder Sign Enforcement / 303-441-1880:

                        • Hazardous sign

                        Boulder Fire Department / 303-441-3178

                        • Damaged or leaking fire hydrant

                        City of Boulder Forestry / 303-441-4406

                        • Street tree or grate damaged or overgrown

                        City of Boulder Environmental Affairs / 303-441-3239

                        • Dumpster overflowing

                        RTD / 303-299-6000

                        • Bus shelter maintenance