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                        Downtown Boulder - Open for Rediscovery

                        After a year of being remote from the town you love, it’s time to rediscover the things that made you fall in love with Boulder in the first place. Remember a fresh beer, straight from the tap? Or trying on a cute outfit because you had a date night on the books? Remember sitting down and eating a great meal that you didn’t have to make yourself? And then popping into a live show after? Those things are still here, and they’re even better than you remember.

                        So, make the big trip outside your front door and come rediscover all your favorite gems. We have enhanced safety practices to put you at ease. And new places that you have yet to even see in person. With your support, we’ll ensure that the places that make Boulder so special will be here to discover and rediscover for years to come.

                        Business listings are updated on a daily basis with opening information and hours of operation.

                        VISIT SAFE - WHAT TO EXPECT

                        We've been called
                        the Happiest Place
                        in the United States